Girl with Adirondack Chair

An orange cedar chair, a touch of sunshine radiating warmth, the gentle melodic rhythm of the waves, and 'blue skies smiling at me' all combine to make the world your oyster. Someone flashes a smile intended for you from beneath her hat.

Rio Umbrellas

'Brazil, where hearts were entertaining June'. Even though we're miles away, a striped beach umbrella means 'Rio'.

The Workers Who Made the Shoes

On a crisp autumn day in 1956 London promptly after closing time, the workers at the shoe factory are treated to an impromptu fashion show of the work of their hands. They look on with admiration, knowing that they could probably never wear something so grand themselves.

The Fedora Brothers

Two men lead such different lives living beneath the same hat.


Cute Dooder steals your heart as he searches for a family to call his own.

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