Introduction to Leslie Studios

Martina Leslie's paintings are interpretations lively with colors that bring everyday subjects to life and make them seem out of the ordinary when examined through the lens of her paint brush. Many of Martina's works reflect America's recent past: activities we remember, and the feelings associated with them. Whether these feelings come from relaxing at the beach, diving into a pool, or watching someone stroll down a sunny downtown sidewalk, her images are infused with imagination to take the viewer to another time and place.

Crediting powerhouse artists like Maxfield Parrish and John Waterhouse as inspirations for structure and design in painting, Martina has spent years studying composition. She feels that the main importance of any work is the life and energy of the initial drawing. If the lines, mood, and position of the
subject are correct on the canvas at the beginning, the feeling will come through to the viewer.

Martina Leslie is a Bay area artist and author who resides in the Tri-City area of Michigan. Her paintings are mixed media: water-based oils and acrylics painted on color-treated masonite board. The children's book "Dooder," which she wrote and illustrated, was published in 2011.